Quickly search Companies on Mergr using a variety of filters.

Note: To view all search options, be sure to expand the menu by selecting 'More Options'.

Here's an explanation of the 10 different Company search options.

1. Keyword - Names/Tickers

If you know the company you're interested in - directly enter the name of the company here. If the company is public, you can search via ticker symbols as well.

2. Keyword - Descriptions

To isolate or identify specific types of companies - try the Keyword - Descriptions field. This is the easiest way to identify niche companies. Examples could include 'Laboratory Equipment' or 'SS7'.

3. Sector

For general filtering by industry - select from the dropdown of 60 sectors. You can search more then one sector at a time.

4. 5. 6. City / State / Country

Look-up and build lists of companies by location adding these fields.

7. Revenue

The majority of companies in the Mergr database are private and do not have revenue figures - however, when Revenue figures are disclosed, we add to the database. Use the dropdown to filter companies by revenue.

8. Ownership Status

All Companies in the Mergr database fall under one of four possible ownership categories.

  • Public - Company is publicly traded.
  • Private - Company is privately held. Examples include VC-backed companies such as Dropbox or family-owned companies such as Cargill.
  • Acquired - Company has been acquired by another Company. Whatsapp would be an example of an acquired company. (acquired Facebook)
  • PE Backed (Current) - Company is currently owned by a Private Equity Firm.

9. Company Status

By default - all Companies added to the database are Active, however we tag Companies that no longer exist or have been folded into another organization as 'Defunct'.

10. M&A Activity

If you want to isolate Companies that are active Buyers or Sellers, use this criteria. Selecting 'w/ Buy-Side M&A' will deliver all companies with at least 1 acquisition. Selecting 'w/ Sell-Side M&A' will yield all companies with at least 1 divestiture or exit. If you're more interested in companies that have recently done an acquisition (or exit), select the 'within past 2 years' option.

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