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M&A Professionals Search Guide

Search investor and M&A advisor professionals on Mergr

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We collect professionals for both investors as well as M&A advisors. The Professional Search interface is designed to quickly filter these professionals and build lists.

Where to Access

You can quickly access the Professional Search interface from the Mergr Dashboard, as well as the Menu tray.

Professional Search

The Professional Search is designed to filter professionals based on location and professional category (investor vs advisors), however the most useful feature is the keyword search function.

Note: Professionals in the Mergr database include professionals at investment firms and professionals at M&A advisors. We do not capture professionals at portfolio companies.

Professional Criteria

Here is a breakdown of each professional search option.

1. Keyword Bio

Use the Keyword search field to look-up professionals by content contained in biographies.

2. Keyword Title

Use the Title search field to look-up professionals by the Title field. Eg., 'Operations' or 'Partner'.

Note: To look-up multiple titles in the same search, insert 'OR' between titles. For example, 'Controller OR CFO'.

3. Works for

As noted above, we capture 3 types of M&A professionals on Mergr. These include investor professionals, investment bank professionals, and legal professionals. If you wish to focus on one category for your search, you can use this field to isolate the desired category.

4. w/ Email

If you'd like to limit your result set to professionals with an available Email address, select the w/ Email checkbox.

5. 6. 7. City, State/Province, Country

If you'd like to limit your professional search to a certain geographic area - use the City, State/Province, or Country search options. For City, you can insert the 'OR' command between cities to search multiple cities at the same time.

8. Office Location Only

For investors or advisors that operate from multiple offices, we do our best to link professionals to their appropriate office location. By default, location based professional searches will look-up professionals based on where the firm is located as well as where the professionals are located. If you wish to look-up based on Office Location Only, select this checkbox.

Professional Results


You can export the first 250 records of your result set to a CSV file. To do so, simply select the Download link located atop the result table.

For a list of professional fields available for export, click here.

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