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M&A Press Release Search Guide

Search through 10s of thousands of M&A press release announcements

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When we add a transaction to the Mergr database, we look to source the original press release detailing the announcement (vs a secondary source such as WSJ, Reuters, Bloomberg, Financial Times, etc.).

To reference the source inside Mergr, we provide a link to the press announcement. However, as deal links tend to go bad, change, or disappear over time, when adding new deals, we also capture the contents of the press release articles as well.

The benefit of capturing the full articles is the ability to incorporate an alternative way of sifting and searching through transactions. If you're struggling to find hyper-specific historical deals, the M&A Press Release Search interface is often a good resource to use.

Search Press Releases

Where to find

You can quickly access the M&A Press Release Search interface from the Mergr Dashboard, as well as the Menu tray.

How it works

The M&A Press Release Search interface focuses on searching press releases by keyword. As you enter search terms, results change in real-time. You'll also see your search terms highlighted across the various results. If you'd like to view a full article, select Read More.

Adjusting your search

By default, the interface will search article headlines, article bodies, as well as acquirers and advisors. However, you can modify what fields get searched as needed.

Filtering results

After entering a search, you can narrow your results with a set of filters.

These filters include,

  • Acquirer category (Company or Investor)

  • Deal value

  • Year

  • Sector

  • Transaction type

  • State/Province

  • Country

Viewing results

We combine the contents of articles with associated record details we have inside Mergr. This includes target details, advisors, and deal details. You can navigate directly to these associated entities by selecting their links in this section.

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