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Does Mergr offer valuation multiples?
Does Mergr offer valuation multiples?

EBITDA and Revenue valuation multiples on Mergr

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Valuation Multiples

When we have the data to calculate (Deal Value ÷ EBITDA at time of deal, or Deal Value ÷ Revenue at time of deal), we do provide valuation multiples on Mergr.

How to Locate

To locate deals where a valuation multiple is available, as you review a list of transactions - whether within an investor or company's M&A Activity tab, or on the Transaction Search page (as shown below), look for transactions with a Value block.

If a Value block is shown, at a minimum, there is a deal value that has been publicly disclosed for the transaction. However, in cases where revenue or EBITDA was also publicly disclosed, we'll list these figures in the Target column - and calculate deal multiples.

Deal multiple calculations get displayed in the Value block beneath the deal value.


  • Most deals do not provide the revenue or EBITDA figures needed to calculate valuation multiples.

  • By default, we convert deal values to USD for standardized sorting and comparing. In cases where you see non-USD figures for Revenue and/or EBITDA, note that the deal value multiples are calculated based on the original currency, and not the converted USD amount.

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