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How to look-up the M&A activity of an individual investor
How to look-up the M&A activity of an individual investor
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For individual investors, we track their investment criteria, portfolio companies, M&A activity, as well as advisors, team members, and offices. In this search example we'll look-up the M&A activity for an investor.

Search Example

Step 1

Locate the search field in the upper left-corner of the Member area of Mergr. This search field is located across all Member pages once signed into your account.

Step 2

Enter the name of the investor you're interested in. If there is a match, a dropdown will appear with a list of choices. Selecting from the dropdown will take you to the profile.

If you don't select from the dropdown, you can also enter your query.

With either method, once you've located the appropriate investor, select the entry.

Step 3

By default, whenever a record is selected, you'll be taken to its Profile page. For an investor, the profile page lists an overview of its investment criteria, recent deals, as well as a portfolio breakdown.

Once on the investor's page - select the M&A Activity tab.

Step 4

The M&A Activity tab lists all transactions we have for the investor. This includes the target company involved, buyer and/or seller info, as well as available transaction details, such as transaction type and value.

By default, the most recent M&A events are listed first - however you can filter by transaction situation, geography, and year. You can isolate Buy vs Sell activity as well.

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