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Add Team Members to Your Account
Add Team Members to Your Account

Pricing of additional users and how to add to your account

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Additional Accounts

You can add users or colleagues to your Mergr Web Pro account. There are no minimum number of users you can add - although we require that each user works at the same company as the primary account holder. Additional user accounts are the same as primary accounts, however, additional user accounts cannot access or view the Account Billing area.

Pricing / Billing

Pricing is currently $100/user/month. This is in addition to your Web Pro subscription.

So, if you're on the $150/month Mergr Web Pro plan and wish to add 2 additional users, your new monthly total would be $350/month.

When a new user is added, the updated monthly total is reflected as one charge on the next scheduled billing date. For example, if your next scheduled billing date is on 6/30 and you add users on 6/7, the new monthly total will reflect as one charge on 6/30.

How to Add

Step 1: Contact us through the chat widget (bottom right corner of each page) or send an email to that you wish to add an extra user or users to your account.

For each user, provide their First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

Step 2: We will confirm back once the new account or accounts have been created (usually in less than 24 hours). Separately, we will email each new user a Welcome Email along with Login instructions.

How to Remove

Contact us through the chat widget or send an email to with the name(s) or email address(es) of the user(s) to remove. Once removed, we will confirm back. If you need to edit an existing user to someone new, contact us as well.


Send an email to or contact us through the Chat widget.

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