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How to uncover possible divestiture situations

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In addition to providing you with the search functionality to filter recent M&A event activity, we also want to help users uncover M&A opportunities as well.

Our first tool to accomplish this is what we call 'In Play'

'In Play' is an M&A data view where users can research second-level M&A and quickly identify possible divestiture opportunities as a result.

How 'In Play' Works

The idea behind 'In Play' is to highlight the historical acquisitions of recently acquired companies. 

When Company A (Acquirer) acquires Company B (the Target), Company B's acquisitions (Target Acquisitions) become possible divestiture candidates.

An example of this occurred following real-estate listing service Zillow and its acquisition of Trulia. Upon completion of the acquisition, Zillow divested Market Leader for 23M USD, an acquisition Trulia made for 355M USD in 2013. Zillow also separately divested ActiveRain, an acquisition Market Leader made in 2007.

To help users uncover these types of opportunities, the 'In Play' section specifically isolates acquisitions with underlying acquisitions. If a recently acquired company does not have any Active underlying acquisitions - it will not be listed in this section.

By default (without any search filters applied), you will see the most recent acquisition (in orange below) and its history of acquisitions (in black below).

However, we've also added filters and search criteria to allow you to focus on certain sectors, locations or any combination thereof. You can search at each 'level' as well. For example, you can search acquirers, targets, and/or the underlying acquisitions - what we call 'In Play'.

These are highlighted in the screenshot below.

For example, if you'd like to isolate the add-ons of recently acquired Software companies. Simply select 'Software' under 'Sector' within the 'Targets' search box.

Interested in seeing the second-level acquisitions of a specific acquirer? Just enter the name in the 'Acquirers' search box.

Finally - considering the divestiture intentions of Private Equity Firms differ from Companies - we've added a filter to help you isolate Corporate vs Private Equity acquisitions.

As noted in the screenshot below - simply de-select the type of 'Acquirer' you want removed to take advantage of this filter. See screenshot below.

Send any feedback or questions to support@mergr.com. We're interested in how we can make this better and helping you take advantage as well. If you find it useful, let us know how you're using it.

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