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Getting started with Mergr
Getting started with Mergr
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What is Mergr?

Mergr (pronounced 'merger') is an interconnected Private Equity and M&A Database.

Every day, we research and identify change of control transactions and late-stage financings, connect the Private Equity Firms and Companies involved, and publish the data in an easy-to-use database. 

What data do we have?

Mergr is a database of,

  • Private Equity Firms

  • Companies that have engaged in M&A

  • M&A Advisors (Law Firms and Investment Banks)

  • Transactions

  • M&A Contacts (Professionals from PE Firms and Advisors)

  • M&A Press Announcements


  • Mergr is not a database of venture capital firms, startups, limited partners, specific funds (or fund returns), or corporate venture arms.

  • We only include companies that have engaged in M&A (either as Buyer, Seller, or Target). While this greatly limits the universe of companies in the Mergr database, it helps limit the 'noise' of irrelevant results.

What makes Mergr different from other databases?

  1. We are only focused on researching and collecting established company financings and M&A - both through investors, as well as companies.

  2. We do all our research manually and in-house. We do not license or purchase our information.

  3. The Mergr database has been deliberately constructed with simplified parameters and criteria, making our search tools straightforward and easy to use.

Dashboard Overview

The first thing you'll see when logging into the Mergr platform is the Dashboard. This page provides navigation to the various databases and search tools inside Mergr. If you 'Save' a search, the search gets listed on this page as well.

The Mergr Dashboard

Quick Search

At the very top of the page, you'll see a 'Search' field. Here, you can recall specific companies or investors and visit their profile pages directly. If the company you're interested in is public, you can also enter its ticker symbol.

Mergr Search Modules

There are six primary search modules within Mergr. These cover private equity firms, companies, transactions, M&A advisors, professionals, and press releases. To begin a search, select the data category that interests you.

Next Steps

If you've just signed-up - we recommend checking out each of the search pages listed above and trying some searches. If you wish to view more details on the search pages, try viewing our search guides listed below.

Search Page Guides

Have additional questions or need help? 

Should you need help;

  1. Send an email to

  2. Use the chat widget found in the bottom right corner of every page.

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